1) Can the system be used in refurbishments, warehouses etc (retrofit)?
Yes the Batten and Cradle system excels in this area as it has a commercial, retail and sports floor Loading Certificate with the ability to hide all services under the floor with access panels placed where required.

2) What is the lead time from order to supply?

Subject to the size and location, approximately 3 weeks from order date.

3) Is the product certified?
Yes we have Certification from the Auckland University and Marshall Day Acoustic Engineers. These reports can be found in the Downloads Tab of our site. Structural Rated Floating Floor Report is available on request.

4) Can the system be used in exterior applications? e.g. decks
Yes, our DekCradle product is specifically designed for exterior use. Using treated battens for exterior applications, please refer to Local Council regulations.

5) Can any internal walls or partitions be erected on the floor?

Yes, this system is structurally rated for internal walls. Lightweight timber framing or metal stud partitions with plasterboard linings and glass internal partitions may be constructed directly on the structural floating floor. Refer to our specifiers manual for further information.

6) Can ceramic tiles be used on the flooring system?

Yes ceramic tiles, pre-finished wooden flooring and carpet are commonly used on our Batten and Cradle flooring sytems.

7) I want to install a DekCradle system for myself. Are there any instructions on installation and spacing requirements?

Yes. However, there are no acoustic or structural compliance certificates, nor will any producer statements be issued to cover your DIY installation.

8) Can the DekCradles be used under tiles for exterior decks etc?
Yes, when used in conjunction with James Hardie Exterior Secura Board.

For further information, refer to our Specifiers Guide Document under the Technical Tab on our Home page.

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