AcoustiFlor ™

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AcoustiFlor ™

AcoustiFlor  is a specialised internal acoustic flooring system. It has been designed and developed to achieve high value acoustic performance in multi-level residential and commercial buildings.

AcoustiFlor  is used to achieve high value acoustic demands that exceed building code requirements and help create a quiet environment for your building, workplace or family home.

  • Reduces noise and sound transmission between floors
  • System is manufactured from recycled and sustainable materials
  • AcoustiFlor is used for internal applications only
  • Installed over existing and new floors as an overlay floor system
  • Exclusively designed for each application by a registered acoustic engineer ensuring high value performance
  • BRANZ appraised for structural performance
  • Tested by Auckland University and independent acoustic engineers
  • Specified by leading architects and designers to comply with regulations and exceed customer expectations

This product is sold only as a complete system on an application basis.

For further information about AcoustiFlor or to discuss your application, please refer to the Specifications tab above or contact us.


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